Hard Candy Mermaid Tails

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Hard Candy Mermaid Tails-Candy-[Kosher Mints]-[Kosher Custom Candy]-Candy A Plenty

Hard Candy Mermaid Tails

$3.50 Sale Save
Colors Red
Flavors Cherry Lemon

Certified under the OU and Tartikov Hechsherim.

This is perfect for your under the sea themed party. Edible sparkles will adorn the lollipops.

Each is individually wrapped with a bow.

They are approximately 3 1/2 in H X 1 /2 in W.

Color and flavor of your choice.

Minimum of 6.

They are OU & Tartikov Kosher Certified, Sugar/Dairy/Gluten/Nut Free & Vegan. They are small batch, hand made hard candy lollipops.